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Belt Drive V5 1:1
for HSP Bajer, Himoto Raptor 5XB, Amewi Pitbull X,
Redcat Dunerunner (not for V3) + Rampage Series, LRP Bullet MT

Shave some weight by replacing those metal gears.
This Belt Drive Kit will reduce rotating mass helping your engine to spool up faster.
Belt drives systems are much quieter than the clunky gear setup.
1:1 ratio fits all Gear Plates.

The set includes:
2x cogwheel
1x deflection roller
1x drive belt HTD (Made in Germany)
1x cover strong polycarbonate
4x VA locking screws
1x assembly instruction
1:1 = flat pinion on the clutch shaft + big pinion on the braking shaft

attached to the original gear plate, shaft and clutchbell
takes about 20min
you need a 3.0 and 5.0 allen key

Operating without cover leads to broken belt in a short time
Always use the provided cover
Original splash guard "right" cannot be used or must be modified
(For Redcat Dune Runner, Amewi Pitbull and similar models)

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